Saturday, 10 May 2014

Black is Casual

It's been a while. Again my deepest apologies, I'm currently working and interning.

Here's some shitty edits I did on photoshop haha

I was working at a screen printing place in Bermondsey 2 weeks ago, and at the end of my placement I got to print several projects I had in mind. This is one of the prints I hand sketched for my Islamic Project, printed onto a basic mens t-shirt.

What I'm wearing:

Tshirt - My own
Black velvet dress (worn under) - Charity Shop
Odd Everlast Socks - JD's
Sandals - New Look
Cat Sunglasses - Camden Markets

Also couldn't help but realise I've just moved from 2k to 4k on Lookbook, I was really surprised when I logged on after 2 months. So thank you so much for those who keep looking at my posts and for following <3 Even though I've been Idling when it comes to blogging.

Thank you so much again