Saturday, 10 May 2014

Black is Casual

It's been a while. Again my deepest apologies, I'm currently working and interning.

Here's some shitty edits I did on photoshop haha

I was working at a screen printing place in Bermondsey 2 weeks ago, and at the end of my placement I got to print several projects I had in mind. This is one of the prints I hand sketched for my Islamic Project, printed onto a basic mens t-shirt.

What I'm wearing:

Tshirt - My own
Black velvet dress (worn under) - Charity Shop
Odd Everlast Socks - JD's
Sandals - New Look
Cat Sunglasses - Camden Markets

Also couldn't help but realise I've just moved from 2k to 4k on Lookbook, I was really surprised when I logged on after 2 months. So thank you so much for those who keep looking at my posts and for following <3 Even though I've been Idling when it comes to blogging.

Thank you so much again

Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Forced myself to blog again today! Slowly getting better.

I found all these pieces in the attic, most of our family's discarded clothes are thrown up there. Technically I have my own 'vintage shop' right in my own home. Glorious. Anyways, I've been constantly dreaming of putting together an all cream coloured suit, but better yet when I found this M&S trench coat and the trousers my ultimate 'calico' outfit was ready to go.

What I'm wearing:

Trench coat - M&S per una
White crop shirt - Unknown (so helpful)
Calico trousers - Unknown
Sandals - Office

Sorry again for the unknown items. 

Til next time

Monday, 24 March 2014

100% Wool

I think it's safe to say that when it comes to blogging I eternally suck. 

It's been a while hey guys? I'm just completed my second year of uni. Waheey! 
So I'm finally back in London interning and chilling for a while. 

Put this outfit together purely for the checked prints, after all anything that matches is truly ugly and pretty together. I can't help but feel that my style is transitioning into something more toned down?

Shout out to Isabella Barter who took these shots<3 

What I'm wearing: (this will be so simple)

everything is from a charity shop 

apart from the
shoes - topshop

Thanks again for those who check out my blog.  Sorry for not posting in a while. I'm hoping to pressure my sister to take some shots of new outfits I wear on my daily basis.

Adios amigos ;)

Saturday, 1 February 2014


It feels like its been forever! I can't express how sorry I am for not posting in a while
I've been very busy with uni work and hardly have time to shoot lookbooks. Luckily enough I assisted my amazing photographer buddy on a test shoot and managed to get a few shots to use :)

The theme is Enter the Void, amazing film. Definitely recommend watching. The artistry of the film is beyond stunning. It has similar hazy and trippy features we used to shoot this lookbook.

What I'm wearing:

Ive been wearing far too many turtlenecks its actually ridiculous...
Yes anyways

Grey Turtleneck - Charity Shop
Lace slip dress - Zara
Shoes - Topshop

That is it yall!
Sorry again for not posting in a while.
I will try my absolute best to try and upload more regularly!