Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hey Yall! I'm very excited about this look ^^ I know I went a bit - fuck a bit.. super slutty with the skirt but I think it had to happen with this super fun crop top by RedRock!! 

I'd like to say a special thanks to Kiran which sent me this beautifully made shirt! (My very first collab!!) The eggs are actually stitched on felt   - adding that little extra texture ^_^ and come on.. its such a fun and playful piece to own! Cannot wait for summer, so I can abuse this crop top some more. Their collection is just so rad- I was having a hard time just choosing one!! Really go and check them out on: http://WWW.REDROCKFASHION.COM/

What I'm wearing!

Fried Egg Tits - Redrock <3
Slut denim skirt - DIY from old jeans
Denim cap - Primarni
Cute socks - Primarni
Tartan shoesies - Ebay
Braces (Worn underneath the shirt) - Sisters

Thanks again for baring with my slut look haha. But I hope you enjoyed this look
I'd like to thank Redrock again for the eggcellent crop top that was given to me<3

Okay til next time fashionistaaahs x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Chinese Gangster

Ahh this is probably my favourite shoot/ outfit! Can you believe I came up with this ensemble in my sleep? Bleh sorry that I uploaded so many shots. It was actually incredibly hard to find the top shots because my sister took some amazing ones! 

My lovely friend Martina was kind enough to give me her old chinese dress - tried it on and it fit like a glove! Ah so I thought why not punch in some more colour? Added my dads bright yellow adidas jacket and I was instantly in the hood zone. Haha. Um yeah so I really wanted to go all HOOD by using my sisters expensive cap ;) and my newly DIYd jeremy scott knock-offs.

So just to recap:
Chinese dress - Friends gift
Adidas jacket - Dads
Machine gun tights - Ebay (you can hardly tell.. -.- ffs)
DIY shoes

Hope you enjoy this bright outfit ^_^ 
Thanks for looking !

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All!

Constantly changing location to find the best 'light'

My sister bought this odd future shirt -  yup its a fake, but I like the simplicity of the design and that. We don't have money for the real odd future, sorry tyler! haha

Um but yeah, thought I'd pair this up with a floral skirt but didn't have one down in London so I wore my mums 90's paisley skirt just to play around with the skater-ish shirt. Inject some femininity in this outfit yo!

Idk I find this simple yet trampy look appealing - I guess university life has changed my aesthetics again.. with getting up late and trying to scramble for an outfit and that haha.

What I'm wearing - (Just to clarify everything I'm wearing is NOT mine haha)

OFWGKTA shirt - Sister (from ebay)
Paisley skirt - Mums
Double Creepers - Sisters (from new look)

Thanks for looking yall!

I'd be fair to end this post with one of my favourite odd future songs of the moment ;)

Saturday, 16 March 2013


Before I start to brag about how excited about these next few looks I'm about to post (I took 3 today!!!) On the same DAY! Yup but my pissy computer decided to DELETE all the best shots -.- luckily my sister (my amazing photographer) had some backed up :'D <3 not all :'( Blah what can one do.

Yup anyways this is a very simple look inspired by the manly androgynous look - yup I do enjoy looking like a man. 

What I'm wearing: 
Coat - River Island
Green turtleneck - Thrifted in Milan
Jeans - Primark
Platform boots - H&M

Im super excited for my next looks im gonna post!!! Ahhh
Hope you enjoyed this very simple androgynous look :D
Take care y'all xx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Jeremy Scott DIY

YO Guys! Ever since I layed eyes on these beauties in Milan I have been in LOVE! Only for then crying about the price tag... wait for it... 180 Euros! F**K! The most I've spent on shoes would probably be my triple creepers, but those were totally worth it. I just couldnt justify spending this much money on regular flats! So when I came back from the Milan trip, I realised that my mum thrifted these black H&M brogueflatform shoes for only £5!! So yesterday I went and bought good-ol tipexx and drew like crazy.

The ones I DIYed

My little cry over the originals.

The originalss


My fake ones.

I'm really sorry Jer - But I had to recreate this. Just so you know I'm your devoted follower and I'd love to work with you one day<3 

Anyhows hope you liked my DIY - havent done a post like this in ageeees!
Something productive for once yaay

Take care yall ;)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Grunge Child

Sorry for the lack of posting guys - Just handed in all my work for this term so I'm free!!
Anyways this is the sort of crap I wear at uni every day when I cant be asked. You could call it another tramp look (tramp look 1) haha yeah. 

I really like the shit simplicity of it really.. not much to say. Yeah.. sorry about this crap description once again :'(

On to what I'm wearing:
Black dress: My mums
Checkered shirt:  My dads
Bag: Ebay
Creepers: Underground
Chokers: Thrifted
Beanie: Primark

Thad be all folks! Hope youre having a good day ^^
Til next time yall xxx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Whimsical Playlist

It's quite sad that I only post about fashion and lookbooks. I'm interested in so many weird and wonderful things, so I thought I'd start sharing a few posts on the random things that I love. 

Todays topic is music! Yes, music plays a big part in everyones lives. I'd like to think music as my true close friend.. Sad right? Anyways, for me music marks a certain point in time, so when you play it back you just reminiscent all the old memories. Over the last 6 months my music taste has definitely taken a different direction. I'm actually really glad because I get to discover new artists all the time! I find these new upcoming artists by browsing through youtube [the suggestion bar is fucking amazing], 8track and soundcloud. Without these sites I am nothing! 

Here's some of my favourite artists at the moment:

-Purity Ring
-Clams Casino

Yeah, they're all pretty whimsical, electronic genre type-thing. I really don't know how to describe it. BUT ITS SOOO GOOD! I dont know I just think that this genre really sums up my life. It's sombre but upbeat. [please excuse my shit descriptions, i'd love to do a proper essay but i just cant be arsed]

And might I just add all of these artists music covers and videos are truly spectacular, thats another reason to love these guys <3

Never Leave - XXYYXX

Crawlersout - Purity Ring

Drowning - Clams Casino

Even Though - Giraffage & XXYYXX [honestly this video... i want to play this forever]

Hope you enjoyed my very shit description haha
But yeah thats what I've been listening to :)

Thanks for lookin guys !