Thursday, 28 February 2013


Wore this outfit on our 3rd day outing in Milan. We did the casual tourist-e things like visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition, which was pretty darn cool! Ate tons of food, and did loads of walking so I really wanted to opt out for a very casual and comfy outfit.

Of course I had to bring my tartan trousers! Still have to do the hem on them but I'm just too lazy to finish them up haha. I guess this look is very manly? But then I'm really loving the whole androgynous look :)

Okay so what the hell is cristina wearing?

White Crisp Shirt - My old uniform -ha
Suede Jacket - My mums
Tartan trousers - Made by me
Creepers - Underground
Choker - Gift shop

Hope you guys like
Take care chikas <3

Friday, 22 February 2013

Plain Jane Again

An outfit I wore first day in Milan, don't let the shoes fool you. The fucked with my feet- never again for a whole day. Haha anyways, I wanted to wear something casual but still include this baroque skirt I made ages ago - since the milanese architecture is all about baroque! 

What I'm wearing:
-Jumper: My dads [it shrunk so its now mine haha]
-Baroque skirt: Made by me
-Boots: H&M

Thanks for looking my loves<3

Trip to Milan

You may be wondering why Cristina has been absent with blogging and lookbook.. Well just yesterday I came back from a uni trip! We went to Milan, well back to my hometown. It was amazing to see the changes of Milan, although to me its still a grimy place haha, apart from the stunning architecture and gorgeous foods. 

I've done a few lookbooks in Milan I shall be uploading very soon! Hope you enjoy looking through all the things that stood out in my photographic lens, I definitely enjoyed taking loads of artistic shots of Milan. I sometimes like to pretend I'm actually a pro-photographer- yeah haha. I'm such an amateur.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Urban Vines

I've planned this god damned lookbook for ages- can we just have a moment of silence for this skirt please. It cost me 1 POUND! YES - I love you Brick lane<3

What else can I say I loved to play around with the layering of this whole look
I'm on my way back to London as I speak- so Im so excited to go back home and bask in london airr :"D

What I'm wearing:

Vine pattern skirt: brick lane vintage 
creepers: underground
jacket: mums
polo: mums
hat: primark

thatd be all folks<3
take care and thank you for looking ^^