Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's one of those days when youre 2 days behind your lookbook.. and you wake up really late for uni. It's pissing down with rain -.- Well I opt out for an all black with a jean jacket. I thought I'd do small tribute to Leon because I though Natalie Portman style was just absolutely perfect <3 Ugh I wish I could just go in more detail why I love it so much. The simplicity and the coolness of this young girl.. well I just really wanted to portray it in my own look. (More of a shit version if I must say) -

 I've got so many awesome outfit planned but I just want to photograph them the way I envision them :)
Hopefully soon enough I'll be doing a skateboard shoot, eep so excited!!

Anyways in more details of what I'm wearing:
Black dress - H&M
Wrecked fishnet tights - Mums
Boots - Tkmaxx
Jean jacket - Mums
Choker - Claires

That will be all folks! :D I think I want to cut my hair even shorter to fully enbody mathilda in leon :D What do you guys think? Shorter?

Thank you<3 Take care xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I'm becoming an addict with check pattern and tartan i swear haha - they dont even match but yeah i love it<3

And i must say it was bloody cold when we did this haha :'D that second to last shot just says it all really! 

What I'm wearing:
Checkered dress - My friend made for me :) (thanks jacob!)
Black button up : My mums and DIY studs
Tartan shoes:  Ebay

Sorry this post is so brief - this look was quite simple and quickly put together :)
Til next post guys <3

Monday, 21 January 2013


Here I am wearing skirt with fish net tights.. and its fucking -1 degrees! What was I thinking?!
I got up this morning, and my new recent obsession with punk and I just really wanted to do a punk lookbook -.- but this cold just ended up turning my look into a flipping contemporary dementor :'D

Honestly when you have nothing to wear.. its gonna turn into a 100% black outfit.
Dont we just all love black<3

Anyways lets cut to the chase.
I am wearing:

Leather jacket: New look
Hogwarts robe: DIY
Body con skirt:  H&M
Fishnets: Mums
Creepers: Underground
Choker:  Claires

That will be all today<3
Hope you're all good - take care :3

Friday, 18 January 2013

Man Coat

It's been my absolute mission to get myself a man coat !

Searching through every high street store these coats would sell for £100+
But luckily one day I stumbled across the river island sale... and this GLORIOUS coat was there waiting for me. Exactly my size. Reduced from £110 to £40. I just felt sorry for my debit card -  but then again look at the bloody weather outside, this coat just protects you from the shitty english weather!

For some reason I'm really loving the androgynous look - full black suits with leather jackets. Simple and so rad.

Anyways on to what I'm wearing:

Trenchcoat or 'Man Coat' as I say : River Island
Shirt - Mums
Skirt - Also mums
Boots - Charity shop
Backpack - Spain markets

Thatd be all folks <3

2 posts ina day! brapp brapp!!
thank you guys and take care <3

Uni Street Style

Bertie looking incredibly cool and classy
Dat shirt!<3
Thift Queen Isabelle
She just embodies the modern Pocahontas!!
Velinda is just sleek badass ;)
Boob hat - I want one!

I thought I'd share some lookbooks I've taken in uni with my fellow fashion colleagues ;)
I always encourage everyone to jump in the bandwagon -  well lookbook is flipping fun! & well just look at them?! They all just ooze coolness!

Unfortunately at this very moment I took these photos I didnt think of making a post.. so i have no idea where they got their unique pieces :(

Although I do know their Blogs ;D

So what do you guys think? I quite like these sort of blog posts - makes me feel like a proper street style photographer :D

Let me know if youd like to see more - I can go bugg people in uni asking them to pose :)

Thanks guys and take care <3

Sunday, 13 January 2013

If you're from Africa, why are you asian?

I just had to quote mean girls :') 

Having completed my african project last year I was obsessed with african prints and fabric. So much that I ended up making clothes for myself and my friends!!
When I went back home for christmas I went on a crazy hunt to try find loads of different coloured, bold fabrics. I came across these wonderful cheap (but super amazing quality) at shepherds bush market ;) Best fabric shopping if you ever want to make something on your own.

The whole concept was just to modernise the fabric, 2 toned shirt and the beloved circle skirt.
Can you believe that this entire outfit probably cost me like 6.99? ( okay okay minus the creepers haha)  and i still have loads of fabric left!

Soon myself and Izzy will be partnering up and creating our shop where we will be selling these handmade shirts!!! Woop!

Thanks again guys
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pce out

Friday, 11 January 2013

Bad Flower

Really loving these maxi skirts- again stole from my mother! Thank you mum!!
I thought I'd do the whole girly-boy look :) & Man this flower print is just darn awesome! such good quality too ! This was just a quick look I did after uni :)

What I'm wearing:
Skirt - Mums
Silk flower tank - Mums
Black tshirt - Gift
Biker boots - Tkmaxx

Sorry for the lack of text- im going to go shoot another lookbook now ;)
Thanks for the support <3

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Baroque Lace

Sorry for my lack of posts! 

I wanted to portray this sort of classy and gothic look- I'm addicted to midi skirts and dresses!

I've allways had this dress since god knows when. After realising my love for all midi and maxi skirt I have no need for turning it short with a belt (which is what I used to do when I was 15) haha. Figures Id layer this really gold baroque like lace with another darker lace, my turtle neck long sleeve dress, which i stole from my mother :') Did I also mention that the dress is my mothers too? hahaha

And not to forget my beloved triple creepers<3 Worth every penny!

Tomorrow im having a photoshoot in the beach with my lovely photographer buddy ;) Made an entire african print outfit! cannot wait- til then take care guys xxx