Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Too much denim

Theres something about denim for me. I wear a lot of black, but when I don't I find myself drawn to an all denim outfit. Something about the roughness of the textures, the casualness that just makes it tick. 
I was also tempted into getting a denim skirt which hopefully ill be styling very soon :) another all over denim outfit to make you guys sick :'

Ha well, anyways here is what I'm wearing:

Sleeveless denim shirt - DIY (originally my dads shirt)
Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Denim Shorts - Thrifted
Black sandals - New Look (I've been wearing to death, they are amazing)

That will be all :)
Thanks for looking guys 


  1. denim is awesome! and you wea it well ;>
    i especially like this vest~

    weirdoland - pigeongray.blogspot.com

  2. very cool!