Saturday, 7 September 2013

I'd like to think I'm in Hawaii

Fuck Cristina!

Let me tell you something guys, I said I was going to upload more looks and i totally blacked out. I really miss doing lookbooks :( Sorry guys for not uploading, still working at house of holland, slowly breaking. I just cant wait to go back to uni, so ill have much more freedom to take loads of lookbooks!
Again id like to apologise to all of you lovely people who follow me :(

Yes so ill try to post at least once a week! or 2!

Anyways back on the post, london has been hot! This was an outfit that was just rushed as I was going to work- ha

I'm wearing
Tropical shirt - Carboot sale
Shorts - Zara
Undershorts netted - Primark
Shoes - New Look

Sorry again and thanks for looking guisee :)


  1. i'm actually in love with your hawaii top ahh!

  2. Woo you got the Primark fishnet shorts after all! So worth that £1 hehehe. This shirt is so rad, looking great girly! Miss you & can't wait till I'm in London and get to hang with you more before uni starts!! x