Monday, 29 April 2013

Bow Down to the Punk Royals

Yo guys!

Quick outfit post of today. I'm wearing one of my favourite shirts of the moment- my own design  hehehe ;)
Had so much fun with this uni project, ended up making a whole collection of shirts based on the royals, punkyfying them >:) Unluckily I got some taken down from my site since its wrong to deface the queen and along with the royals.. bleh. life.

Ill leave the link to the rest of the shirts that are still 'up' for sale ^^ but let me know if yall would like to get the one im wearing, ill repost it on my site.

What I'm wearing:
Lace skirt- Primark
T-shirt - screwwiththeirhead
triple creepers - underground

Finally getting to shoot a lot more phew-
hope you enjoyed this post

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

18 year old Grandma

Holy crap - I'm so sorry guys!
I'm seriously so busy with uni at the moment, just carrying a chunky slr in your backpack along your other sketchbooks and  art stuff is darn hard! I kinda feel abit like ugly betty? haha. Yeah anyways.. But today I though my grandma looking outfit deserved to be photographed. Honestly looks like this are just easy- easy shirt easy dress baaaaam

Let me get down to it:
My shirt: (its actually got pretty flowers embroidered) curtsey of my mum
Dress: £1 Bricklane
Tights: Primarni 
Boots: Carboot

yeeees i dyed my hair ^^ its so bright here!! 
Bleh anyways hope you enjoy this post<3
Hopefully you'll see me soon for my next post!