Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Whimsical Playlist

It's quite sad that I only post about fashion and lookbooks. I'm interested in so many weird and wonderful things, so I thought I'd start sharing a few posts on the random things that I love. 

Todays topic is music! Yes, music plays a big part in everyones lives. I'd like to think music as my true close friend.. Sad right? Anyways, for me music marks a certain point in time, so when you play it back you just reminiscent all the old memories. Over the last 6 months my music taste has definitely taken a different direction. I'm actually really glad because I get to discover new artists all the time! I find these new upcoming artists by browsing through youtube [the suggestion bar is fucking amazing], 8track and soundcloud. Without these sites I am nothing! 

Here's some of my favourite artists at the moment:

-Purity Ring
-Clams Casino

Yeah, they're all pretty whimsical, electronic genre type-thing. I really don't know how to describe it. BUT ITS SOOO GOOD! I dont know I just think that this genre really sums up my life. It's sombre but upbeat. [please excuse my shit descriptions, i'd love to do a proper essay but i just cant be arsed]

And might I just add all of these artists music covers and videos are truly spectacular, thats another reason to love these guys <3

Never Leave - XXYYXX

Crawlersout - Purity Ring

Drowning - Clams Casino

Even Though - Giraffage & XXYYXX [honestly this video... i want to play this forever]

Hope you enjoyed my very shit description haha
But yeah thats what I've been listening to :)

Thanks for lookin guys !


  1. hey girl, I just wanted to thank you to introduce me amazing XXYYXX. I hadn't bought mp3 for longgg time but XXYYXX was totally worth buying. this band is really chill but also very spiritual (at least for me). you should do this music post MORE OFTEN! heh. coz i found that not only you got a great taste in fashion but music as well.


    1. Daw thank you so much<3 yeah trust me when i discovered xxyyxx... ah my life felt complete i swear!! & yeah thank you so much for commenting and everything ^_^ I shall I shall! Need to discover some more rad people and i will share again <3 take care love