Friday, 15 March 2013

Jeremy Scott DIY

YO Guys! Ever since I layed eyes on these beauties in Milan I have been in LOVE! Only for then crying about the price tag... wait for it... 180 Euros! F**K! The most I've spent on shoes would probably be my triple creepers, but those were totally worth it. I just couldnt justify spending this much money on regular flats! So when I came back from the Milan trip, I realised that my mum thrifted these black H&M brogueflatform shoes for only £5!! So yesterday I went and bought good-ol tipexx and drew like crazy.

The ones I DIYed

My little cry over the originals.

The originalss


My fake ones.

I'm really sorry Jer - But I had to recreate this. Just so you know I'm your devoted follower and I'd love to work with you one day<3 

Anyhows hope you liked my DIY - havent done a post like this in ageeees!
Something productive for once yaay

Take care yall ;)


  1. I LOVE THEM! love diy on shoes, it's so fun to do :)

  2. Holy shit, these are fucking amazing!!! ♥

  3. I seriously have been dying over those same shoes for quite some time. You pair turned out so awesome!!!!

  4. AGHHHHH! that is SO AWESOME! way to go. DIY!!! I neeeeed to do more DIY stuff.. it's so FUN!! AUGHH YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME SO MUCHHHHH! I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! HJSHG<SFDJHG

  5. too coooooool, love the needle on the fake ones :D

  6. these are sweeet. I'd never seen the Jeremy Scott version but I say why buy them if you can make them :)

  7. Amazing diy, they look great.

  8. These are awesome , i prefer your fake one ! xx