Saturday, 16 March 2013


Before I start to brag about how excited about these next few looks I'm about to post (I took 3 today!!!) On the same DAY! Yup but my pissy computer decided to DELETE all the best shots -.- luckily my sister (my amazing photographer) had some backed up :'D <3 not all :'( Blah what can one do.

Yup anyways this is a very simple look inspired by the manly androgynous look - yup I do enjoy looking like a man. 

What I'm wearing: 
Coat - River Island
Green turtleneck - Thrifted in Milan
Jeans - Primark
Platform boots - H&M

Im super excited for my next looks im gonna post!!! Ahhh
Hope you enjoyed this very simple androgynous look :D
Take care y'all xx


  1. Nice jacket!

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  2. You're so damn cool!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. wowow this look is so great. dark lipstick and that coat and those friggen' boots. I love this and your cool style in general. also, turtlenecks are always a good idea :)

  4. Amazing coat, love the boots too.

  5. love the look, great minds think alike
    us girls must stick together and embrace our androgynous look! haha

  6. haha the 3rd photo is great!
    Nice look Cristina :)

  7. U look really sexy with cigarette! *-*