Thursday, 7 February 2013

Urban Vines

I've planned this god damned lookbook for ages- can we just have a moment of silence for this skirt please. It cost me 1 POUND! YES - I love you Brick lane<3

What else can I say I loved to play around with the layering of this whole look
I'm on my way back to London as I speak- so Im so excited to go back home and bask in london airr :"D

What I'm wearing:

Vine pattern skirt: brick lane vintage 
creepers: underground
jacket: mums
polo: mums
hat: primark

thatd be all folks<3
take care and thank you for looking ^^


  1. Your shoes <3


  2. omg I love this outfit so much can you not be perfect for ones k thanks

  3. looooove!!! <3