Friday, 22 February 2013

Trip to Milan

You may be wondering why Cristina has been absent with blogging and lookbook.. Well just yesterday I came back from a uni trip! We went to Milan, well back to my hometown. It was amazing to see the changes of Milan, although to me its still a grimy place haha, apart from the stunning architecture and gorgeous foods. 

I've done a few lookbooks in Milan I shall be uploading very soon! Hope you enjoy looking through all the things that stood out in my photographic lens, I definitely enjoyed taking loads of artistic shots of Milan. I sometimes like to pretend I'm actually a pro-photographer- yeah haha. I'm such an amateur.


  1. So fucking beautiful pictures!!! ♥

  2. Milan looks so amazing! I wanna go there :) it's your hometown? awesome!

  3. it's always nice to see my hometown trought the eyes of someone else!