Thursday, 28 February 2013


Wore this outfit on our 3rd day outing in Milan. We did the casual tourist-e things like visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci Exhibition, which was pretty darn cool! Ate tons of food, and did loads of walking so I really wanted to opt out for a very casual and comfy outfit.

Of course I had to bring my tartan trousers! Still have to do the hem on them but I'm just too lazy to finish them up haha. I guess this look is very manly? But then I'm really loving the whole androgynous look :)

Okay so what the hell is cristina wearing?

White Crisp Shirt - My old uniform -ha
Suede Jacket - My mums
Tartan trousers - Made by me
Creepers - Underground
Choker - Gift shop

Hope you guys like
Take care chikas <3


  1. Whaa I'm so jealous haha. I want to go to Milan/Italy in general so badly. We keep talking about Italian art in my art history class and I need to go see these things in person! :) Androgyny is refreshing, and I like that you wear what makes you feel comfortable. If you are still there, hope you're having a good time :)

  2. yes yes yes all of this is PERFECT. girl, you rock. also, your pants are soooooo cool like what even. You've got some talent. And Milan, gosh that's so fun! I'm dying to be there, especially because I'm studying there in fall. The anticipation!!! Have fun! :)