Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's one of those days when youre 2 days behind your lookbook.. and you wake up really late for uni. It's pissing down with rain -.- Well I opt out for an all black with a jean jacket. I thought I'd do small tribute to Leon because I though Natalie Portman style was just absolutely perfect <3 Ugh I wish I could just go in more detail why I love it so much. The simplicity and the coolness of this young girl.. well I just really wanted to portray it in my own look. (More of a shit version if I must say) -

 I've got so many awesome outfit planned but I just want to photograph them the way I envision them :)
Hopefully soon enough I'll be doing a skateboard shoot, eep so excited!!

Anyways in more details of what I'm wearing:
Black dress - H&M
Wrecked fishnet tights - Mums
Boots - Tkmaxx
Jean jacket - Mums
Choker - Claires

That will be all folks! :D I think I want to cut my hair even shorter to fully enbody mathilda in leon :D What do you guys think? Shorter?

Thank you<3 Take care xxx


  1. cute! yes cut your hair shorter! :)

  2. i love your hair this length, but don't cut it unless you're sure and get someone to do it for or with you!