Monday, 21 January 2013


Here I am wearing skirt with fish net tights.. and its fucking -1 degrees! What was I thinking?!
I got up this morning, and my new recent obsession with punk and I just really wanted to do a punk lookbook -.- but this cold just ended up turning my look into a flipping contemporary dementor :'D

Honestly when you have nothing to wear.. its gonna turn into a 100% black outfit.
Dont we just all love black<3

Anyways lets cut to the chase.
I am wearing:

Leather jacket: New look
Hogwarts robe: DIY
Body con skirt:  H&M
Fishnets: Mums
Creepers: Underground
Choker:  Claires

That will be all today<3
Hope you're all good - take care :3


  1. I love this outfit! haha that thing about black is so true! I too was like "what the fuck was I thinking" this morning, I had put on spring clothes & it was minus 5 here... didn't freeze to death though *thumbs up* I WANT SPRING SO BAD!!!

  2. Holy crap, you're so fucking perfect!!! Love ya!!! ♥

  3. Favourite outfit of yours ever, ugh, it's just so perfect!