Thursday, 24 January 2013


I'm becoming an addict with check pattern and tartan i swear haha - they dont even match but yeah i love it<3

And i must say it was bloody cold when we did this haha :'D that second to last shot just says it all really! 

What I'm wearing:
Checkered dress - My friend made for me :) (thanks jacob!)
Black button up : My mums and DIY studs
Tartan shoes:  Ebay

Sorry this post is so brief - this look was quite simple and quickly put together :)
Til next post guys <3


  1. I like how you wore plaid on plaid! very cute!

  2. your dress is SO awesome!! your lucky to have a friend that can make dresses for you!

  3. Holy crap, you're more than awesome!!! ♥

  4. ahaha I'm literally addicted to tartan too! XD