Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Camden Leaves

It's been a while guys!

Just started 2nd year of uni and life is hectic again. I did a quick look this sunday in Camden by these amazing red ivy leaves. They really broke my full black outfit... I'm wearing far too many dark colours since winter has hit so quickly this year. 

So this is what I'm wearing:

Black denim jacket - Primark Mens
Black Skirt - Camden vintage
Black shirt - My mums
Black sandals - New Look

I hope you liked this post, sorry for being so vacant. 
For random photos of my daily life feel free to check my instagram, which is constantly updated daily.

I've also started my novace streetstyle blog for uni

Yeah. So, til next time guys :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Indian Schoolgirl

This is what I wore to fashion week day 5. Right outside the topshop venue after Meadham Kirchhoff SS14 show. The venue was flipping stunning! Great for taking streetstyle and lookbooks. Luckily enough my sister gave me this beautiful shirt she bought at a charity shop!! Probably my favourite shirt right now. Also have been in a crazy fan of school girl skirts, bought this one from a boot sale, it was this little girls old uniform :' I thought the situation was so hilarious. Anyways I managed to snag it for 50p so why not?!

What I'm wearing:
Indian girl shirt - Charity Shop
School girl skirt - Carboot sale
Eyeball Bag - Kreepsville 666
Triple Creepers - Underground

Thanks for looking guys :)
More fashion week blogposts coming- excuse my slowness haha

Saturday, 21 September 2013

LFW Streetstyle

Here is some snaps I took during fashion week day 4. I wish I had taken more because everyone was unbelievably creative.

Heres what I was wearing. Very basic all black :'

Hope you enjoyed this segment.
I really want to take more street-style photography in the future. 
So fingers crossed I do :)

Thanks yall!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

House of Holland SS14 Backstage

Last week saturday it was the grand day that I finished my House of Holland internship and the day we would show at fashion week. Having worked at HOH for like 3 1/2 months (which feels like forever) has taught me many things about running a brand and to continuously create collections. But my most favourite moment has to be the fact that I was there to witness the changes and the growth of the collection, from 2D to 3D. 

During my time there, I got to work from every angle of design; from pattern cutting, toiling samples, embroidering, designing prints (but they didn't get sent :( ) and plenty more. Being backstage was definitely one of the most stressful experiences, having to quickly change models into their next look, especially because I got totally unlucky and my model (which i kinda fell in love with) twisted her ankle and had problems with her shoes. But anyways enough about my shit excuses. Overall I've enjoyed dressing at fashion week, I got to meet many lovely people and be part of something really beautiful.

I'm wearing an airtex dress I made myself, soon uploading a lookbook ;)

Hope you guys enjoy this post
More fashion week posts coming soon! 
(KTZ + Meadham Kirchhoff)


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Too much denim

Theres something about denim for me. I wear a lot of black, but when I don't I find myself drawn to an all denim outfit. Something about the roughness of the textures, the casualness that just makes it tick. 
I was also tempted into getting a denim skirt which hopefully ill be styling very soon :) another all over denim outfit to make you guys sick :'

Ha well, anyways here is what I'm wearing:

Sleeveless denim shirt - DIY (originally my dads shirt)
Denim Jacket - Thrifted
Denim Shorts - Thrifted
Black sandals - New Look (I've been wearing to death, they are amazing)

That will be all :)
Thanks for looking guys 

Saturday, 7 September 2013

I'd like to think I'm in Hawaii

Fuck Cristina!

Let me tell you something guys, I said I was going to upload more looks and i totally blacked out. I really miss doing lookbooks :( Sorry guys for not uploading, still working at house of holland, slowly breaking. I just cant wait to go back to uni, so ill have much more freedom to take loads of lookbooks!
Again id like to apologise to all of you lovely people who follow me :(

Yes so ill try to post at least once a week! or 2!

Anyways back on the post, london has been hot! This was an outfit that was just rushed as I was going to work- ha

I'm wearing
Tropical shirt - Carboot sale
Shorts - Zara
Undershorts netted - Primark
Shoes - New Look

Sorry again and thanks for looking guisee :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Lady Tramp

Okay I'm so so sorry for not posting in a while - just looking at how many new blogs i follow and how many posts i have to catch up to scares me. Work place at house of holland is keeping me extremely busy and extremely tired so I hope you all can understand. (If theres anyone still even interested in this blog - I hope :'()

Okay let me quickly say where I got everything.

Everything is pretty much thrifted apart from the 
Triple creepers - Underground

Haha well that was easy. :'

Um yeah so I've done another lookbook today! It's so flipping hot in london now- I hope everyone in the uk is enjoying this mini heatwave. I shall be posting another look tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Pink JellO

Fuck fuck fuck! I'm forever sorry for not posting in a while- finished up uni ladt week and now I'm back at home doing nothing. Yesterday I went to a carboot sale and bought a fuckload of new clothes!! I'm so excited to do outfit posts with them.

Anyways this was a post I did back in uni. Kept it real simple.

Im wearing:
Pink jumper - My mothers
Floral dress - Brick lane
Pug socks - Primark
Jellies - Topshop
Choker - Milan market

Thad be all folks! So sorry again :'( I will post regularly from now onwards!
Take care <3

Monday, 29 April 2013

Bow Down to the Punk Royals

Yo guys!

Quick outfit post of today. I'm wearing one of my favourite shirts of the moment- my own design  hehehe ;)
Had so much fun with this uni project, ended up making a whole collection of shirts based on the royals, punkyfying them >:) Unluckily I got some taken down from my site since its wrong to deface the queen and along with the royals.. bleh. life.

Ill leave the link to the rest of the shirts that are still 'up' for sale ^^ but let me know if yall would like to get the one im wearing, ill repost it on my site.

What I'm wearing:
Lace skirt- Primark
T-shirt - screwwiththeirhead
triple creepers - underground

Finally getting to shoot a lot more phew-
hope you enjoyed this post

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

18 year old Grandma

Holy crap - I'm so sorry guys!
I'm seriously so busy with uni at the moment, just carrying a chunky slr in your backpack along your other sketchbooks and  art stuff is darn hard! I kinda feel abit like ugly betty? haha. Yeah anyways.. But today I though my grandma looking outfit deserved to be photographed. Honestly looks like this are just easy- easy shirt easy dress baaaaam

Let me get down to it:
My shirt: (its actually got pretty flowers embroidered) curtsey of my mum
Dress: £1 Bricklane
Tights: Primarni 
Boots: Carboot

yeeees i dyed my hair ^^ its so bright here!! 
Bleh anyways hope you enjoy this post<3
Hopefully you'll see me soon for my next post!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hey Yall! I'm very excited about this look ^^ I know I went a bit - fuck a bit.. super slutty with the skirt but I think it had to happen with this super fun crop top by RedRock!! 

I'd like to say a special thanks to Kiran which sent me this beautifully made shirt! (My very first collab!!) The eggs are actually stitched on felt   - adding that little extra texture ^_^ and come on.. its such a fun and playful piece to own! Cannot wait for summer, so I can abuse this crop top some more. Their collection is just so rad- I was having a hard time just choosing one!! Really go and check them out on: http://WWW.REDROCKFASHION.COM/

What I'm wearing!

Fried Egg Tits - Redrock <3
Slut denim skirt - DIY from old jeans
Denim cap - Primarni
Cute socks - Primarni
Tartan shoesies - Ebay
Braces (Worn underneath the shirt) - Sisters

Thanks again for baring with my slut look haha. But I hope you enjoyed this look
I'd like to thank Redrock again for the eggcellent crop top that was given to me<3

Okay til next time fashionistaaahs x