Saturday, 25 August 2012

Evil Maid + G I V E A W A Y !!


I really feel extremely blessed to have such amazing fans! :3 To show my appreciation I wish to giveaway this maid like mini dress along with a box full of goodies !!! WOOP - more info down below!!

Also Id thought I'd include someone that has really inspired this look :3 Im always so mesmerised by her quirky looks. Shes super duper cute and i just love the way her style is alternative and diverse- she changed from edgy to cute frilly princess :3 I am obviously talking about the wonderful Haru in Wonderland<3 I was meant to meet this gorgeous babe in London this summer but my new uni stopped our paths from meeting :( I hope she comes back to visit :3 

If yall dont know who she is then you guys should be ashammed!! Go check her out now :3

First Ill talk through this outfit ^^

So Ive had this dress for so long but i just never seem to wear it - I cherished it so much first time I bought it off new look so i thought id whip it out and put a look on :) ahh i know ive styled this outfit 'borderline hookerish' hahaha as my mother stated :' but i just merely put all things i love together- and i still adore this look :P

Thigh high socks - M&S
Platform LaceUp boots - Ebay
Chocker - Claires
Spiked Headband - Ebay


You must follow my blog and lookbook as this giveaway is especially to thank my lovely followers

Once you have done that just leave a comment below :3 Ill be picking a winner at random on the 1st of September!! Good luck & thank you so much my lovelies<3<3

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tropical Trafalgar

Hey guys! ^_^

 Yesterday I dragged my sister and I out of the house-  luckily it turned out to be such a friggin hot sunny day!! We walked from Marble Arch through all the retail shops, China Town for some sushi :333 And Finally we popped in the Metamorphosis exhibition at the National Gallery :)

Funny that I called this post 'Tropical Trafalgar' I just flipping love using alliteration to name my lookbooks. But honestly its just so hard to think of titles :')

Haha anyways, heres what I'm wearing today !

Tropical Tank/Shirt - My mums
Bodycon Skirt - H&M
Long Socks - Marks&Spencers
Leather Bagpack - Spain
Creepers - Underground
Beaded Choker - Charity Shop

So thats it! 
Thank you for reading and supporting my loveliess<3

YES&& one more thing! I went into New Look in Marble Arch yesterday and they actually sell pretty good replicas of the underground creepers!! They have this red tartan pair<333 too bad I'm broke.
So if any of you guys are dying for creepers- newlook are selling theirs for only £25!! 

Thanks again guyss- Ciaaaooo ^_^

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Clothing Robber

I'm gonna make this short and sweet guys ^^
Here is another dress ive stolen off my mum haha! Its got this really interesting veg pattern going round- unfortunately it was abit long and was a alot bigger but i still tried to play around with the angles   :)

What I'm wearing: 
Dress- Henry Holland (my mums)
Black Fedora- New Look
Ankle Boots- River Island
Variety of bracelets

Keep your eyes open for my first giveaway!! :D 
Thanks again to all my readers and followers<3 love you guys so much ^^