Monday, 3 December 2012

Fake Scottish Student?

LOL Bertie said i should jump from the bench- here comes cristina!!!!

I'm gonna make this quick and sweet guys :D

I wore this to uni today- as you can probably tell ive got loads of strings on my clothes! haha ive been making button up shirts today- and let me tell its been pretty hectic! Ill be posting a look with a new shirt i made :D im so proud because im such a rusher when it comes to making clothes :'D

Anyways ill get cracking on what I'm wearing:

Skirt - Old School kilt
Tartan shoes - Ebay
Bagpack - Spain
Coat - Some shop in croydon
Shirt- My mums
Beanie - Primark

I really love this skirt. Gah I used to detest it when i was in secondary skirt- but im so glad i never threw it away! It sure keeps me warm- yes ive been slightly obsessed with midi skirts and maxi skirts. Thanks to my new buddy in uni :'D 

Thad be all- hopefully ill be taking another look tomorrow!
Loads of thanks to my wonderful friend Bertie for taking my photos :D
Check out his Lookbook here: <3

Thanks for looking my loves <3 have a nice day!


  1. Haha, you're too much. Hey I know what isn't fake though..that you're one serious helluva friggin' CUTIE if I ever saw a fake scotsman in that skirt and those adorable brogues ! <3

  2. Your outfit is very school-girl. I like it! I really like the skirt too, tartan is great :)

  3. This is great and you look adorable <3 :)