Monday, 24 December 2012


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope youre all having a very merry holiday ^_^

I want to say a special thanks to everyone whos followed my blog- been allmost a year I think :D

Ill make this quick and sweet!

Humbug hat- My mums haha
Checked shirt - Dads
Black button up - Mums
Tartan trousers - made by me recently
tartan shoes - ebay

Okay thatd be all- back to christmas partying!! 
Have a lovely christmas you guys xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brick Lane

Quick outfit post :D I went to brick lane with my mate for a bit of shopping- you will be seeing my purchases very soon ;)

Black jeans- good ol primark
Black turtleneck - My mums
Beige holed vest - Thrifted
Camel Suede jacket - My mums
Beanie - Primark
Creepers - Underground

Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Urban Farmer

Ive got an obsession with ebay- when im bored, before i go to bed.. i allways seem to be on a lookout for a bargain. I'm that obsessed haha :'D

Well i found these dungarees and managed to win them for 3 pounds!!! WOOP- I've allways wanted full dungarees/overalls! But I ant justify spending 30-40 squid on them! GRR I'm a student man!

Gosh it was so awkward taking photo in this part of uni- because everyone walks here to get to class haha :'D so funny. AND it was like -1 degrees and i dared to take my jacket off! haha

Okay anyways, what I'm wearing:

Dungaree's: Ebay
Checked shirt: Carbootsale
Guns and roses shirt: gifted
Black beanie: primark
triple creepers: underground

Thatd be all! :D
I'm going home soon and i cant wait!! Reunited with my london buddies<3 I've learned so much in my first term of uni- made loads and loads of patterns to take home- so ill be making loads of clothes for myself- since we dont even have a christmas break project!! mauahaha!

Okay thank you guys for supporting and reading :D<3

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Neon Bolt

Trying to find a decent backdrop in uni :P

Thought id include the wonderful photographer that took all these awesome shots<3 My rad chicka Izzy ;D
She has a blog at wordpress:
Definitely check her out- her style is so badass<3

Literally based this entire outfit on this jumper I picked up from primark! It really reminded me of something Jeremy Scott would make- like seriously! He's flipping awesome<3 

Thought I'd match it up with my primark dogtooth leggins- yaaaay for primark! Sometimes you cn find really nice- non tacky things in there!

And finally I'm wearing my trashed ebay platform boots.. which everyone seems to complain to me about throwing them away :'( I love them.. I've stabbed myself once just trying to mend them because i used a flippin pin to hold it together.. well what can I do? I'm a shoe-aholic! Hopefully my kind sister will get me a cheap new pair for christmas! AS all I want for christmasssssss ISSSSSSSSSSSSS

Okay enough of the cheeseynes! Thanks for looking and supporting<3
Love every single one of yous :D

Monday, 3 December 2012

Fake Scottish Student?

LOL Bertie said i should jump from the bench- here comes cristina!!!!

I'm gonna make this quick and sweet guys :D

I wore this to uni today- as you can probably tell ive got loads of strings on my clothes! haha ive been making button up shirts today- and let me tell its been pretty hectic! Ill be posting a look with a new shirt i made :D im so proud because im such a rusher when it comes to making clothes :'D

Anyways ill get cracking on what I'm wearing:

Skirt - Old School kilt
Tartan shoes - Ebay
Bagpack - Spain
Coat - Some shop in croydon
Shirt- My mums
Beanie - Primark

I really love this skirt. Gah I used to detest it when i was in secondary skirt- but im so glad i never threw it away! It sure keeps me warm- yes ive been slightly obsessed with midi skirts and maxi skirts. Thanks to my new buddy in uni :'D 

Thad be all- hopefully ill be taking another look tomorrow!
Loads of thanks to my wonderful friend Bertie for taking my photos :D
Check out his Lookbook here: <3

Thanks for looking my loves <3 have a nice day!