Thursday, 8 November 2012

University Farm Life

Hey guys, sorry again for taking so long! Uni is really really busy! I really wanna try and take a lookbook every 3 days but it just gets so dark so quick nowdays D: I was helping my photographer buddy with her large format photography yesterday.. and omg it was fucking cold! I've never seen or used these old cameras so it was worth it! Just look at it!! omg there were 2 horses in this little field behind me but they ran away to the back :( annddd you can proper see my uni on the right of the top photos!! :D

And believe me it was flipping heavy.. we had to carry it in a metal box -.-

Anyways onto the outfit.. I actually dont know what to call this look.. haha

Dress - My mums old clothes (lucky find in the loft ha)
Shit tights
Shoes - My beloved triple creepers
Denim Vest - DIY (originally my dads)

Thanks for those who keep checking my blog and support<3 
Mucho love xxxxx


  1. you are so cool! i love your style

  2. so cute baby! i love your jacket <3

  3. What. WAAAT. THAT DRESS IS SO FUCKING COOL. you rock grrrl.

  4. Love this outfit, you look stunning!! <3

  5. so good! you suit maxi skirts/dresses so so much! x

  6. lovely dress! and the creepers are awesome

  7. YOUR JACKET! I love it.

  8. your creepers are perfection!

  9. you can't even imagine how much I like it