Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Denim Bear


Managed to do a quick lookbook today on a casual look I wore to uni on Monday :) I call it the denim bear! Just because I'm wearing double denim- which many people have managed to pull so I thought to myself why not try? :D I'm wearing my hat the wrong side because I'm not too fond of the bear face.. id rather just have the two pom pom ears haha. Forgive the lighting guys because the weather is totally shit ://////

Okay anyways let me fill you guys in on what I'm wearing. :)

Oversized jean jacket - Mums
White polo neck - Christmas gift (last year)
Distressed denim shorts - DIY (they were originally 60's flare pants.. lol)
Bear beanie - tkmaxx
Boots - carbootsale

Okay guys I hope you enjoyed this casual look :) i was gona do another lookbook today but it just got really dark :( ill be filming my youtube tomorrow (hopefully) ha ^_^ 
so until then my sexy chickaaaas and chicoos<3

Friday, 23 November 2012

Bloody Mary

Heeey guys! Abit of a creepy post today! haha- well basically i just really felt the need to post this up (especially since im 2 weeks behind a new post -.- so sorry hopefully i will be taking another lookbook tomorrow, i finally handed in my fashion project so im alot more free ^_^), so anyways this is actually my photographer buddy's project. I thought it be quite a nice sinister look to add to my collection :)

To go through the stuff im wearing :)

Black Chiffon shirt - Thrifted
Chiffon Maxi (my new beloved piece) - Primark
14 eyelet steel cap boots (also new) - Tk Maxx
Red Chiffon ( which is threading really bad lol) - Fabric shop
DIY crown - my friend

Hopefully ill be posting something tomorrow to make up for my absence... :P
But I'm also thinking of starting a youtube channel? Just because i guess itl be kinda cool doing hauls and monthly favourites? And soon to come i shall be doing a streetstyle in my uni- as there are some pretty rad people at my uni ^_^

anyhoos i hope you enjoyed this weird post<3 love you all xxx

Thursday, 8 November 2012

University Farm Life

Hey guys, sorry again for taking so long! Uni is really really busy! I really wanna try and take a lookbook every 3 days but it just gets so dark so quick nowdays D: I was helping my photographer buddy with her large format photography yesterday.. and omg it was fucking cold! I've never seen or used these old cameras so it was worth it! Just look at it!! omg there were 2 horses in this little field behind me but they ran away to the back :( annddd you can proper see my uni on the right of the top photos!! :D

And believe me it was flipping heavy.. we had to carry it in a metal box -.-

Anyways onto the outfit.. I actually dont know what to call this look.. haha

Dress - My mums old clothes (lucky find in the loft ha)
Shit tights
Shoes - My beloved triple creepers
Denim Vest - DIY (originally my dads)

Thanks for those who keep checking my blog and support<3 
Mucho love xxxxx