Sunday, 28 October 2012

Spookbook Clown

Happy Halloween guys!!

I've always wanted to do a lookbook with this shirt- and when I realised lookbook were holding out a halloween competition I knew instantly I wanted to come as the 'modern' clown. Clowns are mostly known for their bright bold colours, big shoes, scary as fuck AND a big red nose (I didnt have one :(. I could say I took inspiration from the jokers (no red nose) and crazy messed up makeup. Haha I know my makeup looks like complete shit but I like the messyness. I'm not used to neat makeup anyways- doesn't suit me :')

What I'm wearing:
Crazy Shirt - Carbootsale
Skirt - Mums
Leggings - Claires (stolen from my sis) >:)
Creepers - Underground
PS: i didnt dye my hair- i wish i did haha. love this red though <3

Please excuse my language- I wish I could really go in depth talking about this look but the uni life i catching on me. Especially my pattern cutting lessons- they just suck the life out of you- even though its great fun!  I'm currently running 3 blogs, one of my newest wordpress blog for my fashion design projects which I will share with you guys very soon !! :) 

I will be posting some photos on here showing you the sort of stuff I do at uni ! I think itll be interesting for you guys to see :) Okay, I guess this will be the end of the post! Thank you for reading my post and for your support! Love you guys xx

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Uni Tramp

Heey yall !

First week of uni has been so flipping slow-- i just want to get started!! We've had inductions and crap so its been all paperwork and no work ( I know its sad that I actually wanna work) Yeah. Haha. Well anyways this is a look I put together today for uni. I didn't actually wear my tartan shoezies because i didn't wanna damage them like i did with my ebay platform boots which are currently dying.. :( so im trying to wear them strictly.

I wish I had a pair or tartan pants then this look would be perfect :( Hopefully ill be making a pair soon!

Ill quickly have a run through of all the things I'm wearing:

-Beanie Primark
-Tartan Shoes Ebay
-Black Jeans Primark
-Checkered Shirt Mens Charity Shop
-Shirt Childhood

Basic cheap look haha ^_^ I love how casual and cool this look is- its something you can put on without feeling too dressed up- i love it<3 I feel like a badass art student :' when im really not muahahahahah :'D Such a bloody nerd.

Hopefully Ill be photoshooting a new look for this week again so thats something to look forward too!! :D

Thank you for looking my loves<3 Stay well xxx