Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tablecloth Manners

So I finally moved in at my student home accommodation- feels weird as fuck. ;/ loool
I'm so lucky to have had pictures taken by my sister but now ill have to find a replacement photographer D: wahh yeah anyways..

I called this look Tablecloth Manners just because the skirt I have on today is just looks a flipping tablecloth! Haha, its been hiding in my wardrobe for years!! So I was excited to pair it up with my old schools leotard which I DIY'd holes in.

I'm also wearing my battered ebay platform boots and tights. & Of course my favourite choker! (from claires)

I look forward to share my uni experience soon- as ill be starting on the 24! But I very much look forward to it! Cannot wait to carry on my workaholic lifestyle :)

Thank you so much for looking<3


  1. ahaha I get my chokers from claires as well... fab outfit, forever loving those shoes! and have fun at uni :))

    rebecca x

  2. Love this! Your boots are amazing! Good luck with uni, I'm very jealous, wish I was a student again :( xx

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  4. you`re so damn pretty <3 why isn`t this on lookbook? D:

  5. You look great!
    And I hope you'll be sharing lots of your uni lifestyle, I can't wait to hear about yours! ;D

  6. Just came across your blog. Your sense of style is so rad followed instantly good luck with Uni can't wait to finish alevels and get there x

  7. your ebay boots are pretty cool cool. i just found your blog and i like your style it's fun :)
    good luck with starting university, also!

  8. love it!
    i just moved to my student accommodation and i also feel that's super weeeird! hope you find a replacement photographer and post soon <3