Saturday, 8 September 2012

School Skirt

Heya yall! :D

I thought id do a quick outfit- since I had this look on my mind for ages! This is actually my secondary school skirt- Ive kept my whole uniform from school because it was just too hard for me to actually throw away because it was so darn expensive! So I decided to incorporate my school to create a grunge inspired look :D

What I'm wearing:

-Triple Creeps (Underground)
-Sheer socks
-Kilt School Uniform (John Lewis)
-Guns+Roses Tee (Gifted by my uncle)
-Sleeveless Denim (My dads)

I'm gonna be taking alot of lookbooks this weekend because ill be needing to find another photographer since I'm moving down to Bournemouth for uni :P :'( ah ill my talented photographer<3

Thank you guys for supporting and coming to take a look at my blog!!
Take care my loves ;)


  1. lovely outfit, love the denim and the shoes.

  2. Replies
    1. i just love them to bits<3 defo worth the investment ^^

  3. Love that you used your school skirt!! Oh good luck with uni! I would love to know what your experiences are like at bournemouth as i am considering going there myself next year! but anyway love the outfit!!

    1. Yup! I mean this uniform was too flipping expensive to throw out :P daww thank you! should I? ill be posting alot of photos probably in my instagram: chrissychrispy :) if you want to see! <3

  4. I adore the maroon creepers!!!!! <3 The plaid really makes for some '90s loving <3

    High-Stitched Voice

    1. they are the best thing ive ever bought<3 daw thank you ^_^