Wednesday, 12 September 2012

NYFW Discovering more talent

Hi guys! I feel like I should have a bit of diversity with this blog- instead of just have my lookbooks im gonna try and post alot of my inspirations- and since im starting my first year as a fashion student in uni ill try to include some of my own work, as ive done previously in some of my posts like: Crazy Fringing and Tube Queen :)

New York Fashion Week!! S/S 2013!!

Sometimes I just don't have the time to look at everyones collection but tonight I actually had a brief look at many and I discovered some really incredible talents which i never knew existed! So this is what the post is gonna be about.. my new 2 designer discoveriess!! WOOP!

So lets crack on!!

1) Thom Browne

The whole aesthetic of his looks really stood out to me, from the theatrical arty catwalk ( you can see behind the photos ^_^) And gah I do love that the clothes aren't tailored to fit tight but they create this very peculiar boxy silhouette.

Don't get me started on the way he plays with colours and patterns!! I think my favourite look of the bunch would be the one with the pink blazer below- its just got so many crazy pastel coloured patterns all together + monochrome stripy leggings on top of it!

Another think I love about Thom Browne is that he doesn't just create one look, as you can see he created a wide range of different looks- from glamourous couture gowns to playful, fun cute garments! :)

I am so so so happy i discovered his work<3 He's such an amazing talented designer :3



2) Libertine (Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene)

Yet another designer who I discovered! Really ashamed and gutted I didn't know this brand before- thank you internet and tumblr for persuading me to research!!! 

As you can probably tell I'm a sucker for prints- again Libertine has clashed really cool prints together, from plaid with flowers to matching paint blobs! :D Really like the way he's included a manly long coats on top of the girly garments- it just adds that extra coolness and edge to the outfit ^_^

Again the marvellous duo also create diversity within their looks, like their strong bold garments with the addition to the little highlights of complimentary colours and small intricate patterns! ++ Not to forget the contrasting colourful accessories. Really loving those bright colourful gloves :3

Okay end of post! Sorry if it was overly long :3 Although I hope you enjoyed mah new segment piece ^_^

Comment below if to tell me if you liked/disliked or if youd like to see more of these posts? Or even any suggestions to what I should do next :D

Thank you very much my loveeees<3333

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  1. I liked the first collection, the second one not so much but I can't say it was bad. :3 (Uuuh fashion design uni, I'm so jelly. :D)