Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lagging Cristina

I'm so sorry for all of you whom follow me- I've just properly started uni and i havent had time to post my new looks yet... too busy. I've met some wonderful people in my course<3 Just enjoying life - cant wait to actually start designing and creating!! Anyhoo's tomorrow ill hopefully be posting a new look with my tartan shoesss yipeeee!!

Underneath Bournemouth Pier

In my uni home :)

If you guys wanna know what I'm currently up to or see what my life is like in uni you should defo follow me on instagram :D I've just started it like a couple of weeks ago :) My instagram name is chrissychrispy

I'm really sorry again!! I have plenty of awesome outfits planned just for yall<3 I cant wait to share it with you guys!!<3333

Thats all for now guys<3 xxx

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  1. Yay for uni life ! Hope youre having fun. Looking fine as usual. xx