Saturday, 21 July 2012

Making Vintage

Hello guys! Long time huh?!! I am so so sorry- my photographer just finished school this week and now shes free to take my lookbook photos hurraaah!!

By the way there she is- my little sister (the awesomest photographer ever)- soo cute :3 I told her to try out my creepers ^_^ i think she really suits them :P

So wondering what ive been doing all this time? Making clothes- chilling relaxing- lazying about haha
I actually made this entire outfit- minus the shoes ofcourse lol

My mum game me tons of these vintage silk fabrics, so i decided to crazy making some shirts ^_^ then the shirt just looked all lonely so I and decided to make a matching skirt to go along with it really :)

oh yes! ive finally reached 900 fans!!! yaaaaaay i would of never have thought in a million years i would even get 100- so thanks so much to everyone whos been supporting me<3 love you guys loads


  1. ahh you talented girly and woop. congrats with 900 fans. :) You definitely deserve it as you're one of my favourites :))

    rebecca x

    1. awwwh thanks so much rebecca <333 gaah love you :3

  2. my god! LOVE this!! i can follow your blog :( teach me!!!! and visit mine :))

  3. cool outfit, love that U used the same print on top and bottom :) following U!

  4. Amazing shirt and skirt, good job!

  5. totally loving the prints and those triple sole creepers!! I've just nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog if you want to check it out! xx