Thursday, 28 June 2012

Triple Burgundy

Hey guys ! This is an outfit I wore to my art exhibition- im finally done with school! 
To kinda celebrate this I decided to go shopping and treat myself even though my birthday is in 3 days? haha I honestly couldn't wait any longer! 

My favourite  purchase would defo have to be my new triple creepers !! I was so excited to go check out the new underground store in London! If you're in London and want to get rad creepers you defo need to check them out! Theres too many beauties to choose from- and i was surprised that they had so many new designs! So check them out at  (8 berwick street, soho- just near oxford street)

Isn't it funny how you can buy neo vintage pieces? Ha i got my leggings from primark (only £6!!), i don't know they're bright yellow and the print really attracted me<3

As for my top- its my mums, i tend to steal a lot of her clothes  :''' and the same goes for my black tunic thing- except i stitched in a Hogwarts patch- yes yes i always wanted to attend Hogwarts! :P

Okay end of post folks! :D Thanks for the support guys<3 love yaas
Oh yes btw guys I'm gonna be selling a bunch of my clothes on ebay so keep an eye out !! :D

Friday, 22 June 2012

Dead Black

Heeeey guys! Im so flipping excited!!! No more studying :' gah + i got a new camera!! :D Ill be posting way more often now yippeeee :))

So the outfit:
-Dress- My mothers
-Cross Choker -Claires
-Selected bug rings- H&M
-Platform Sandals- Topshop
-DIY hand bone hair clip

I dont know what to say.. i feel like a gothic granny, i wish this dress was longer-perhaps with a lace trim at the end?

My hair was inspired by Wednesday Adams<3

I dont know what else to say.. ill just leave it here :) Thanks for the support, love you guyyysss :3 xxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


EUGH i made a same exact post because i accidentally deleted the one i made :' with all the long writing gah... 

LOL Here we go again

I was highly inpired by one of my favourite lookbookers Violet E <3 fuck shes just tooo amazing! biggest bad ass style ive ever seen! i just admire her so much :' which is why i decided to dedicate this look to her :) thank you so much for inspiring me beautiful<3 for those who live under rocks go and check her now! :

This is a simple look i wore to stratford westfiels.. my first time there ever. The funny thing is not just that but i had no money at all haha. It was a great day out :)

What I'm wearing:
Shirt-  Charity shop
High wasted jeans- Mums
Earrings- Topshop
Shoes- Underground Creepers

Thanks so much for your looove and support<33