Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tube Queen

So finally rocking my new shoes I got from ebay<3 they are super great!! platforms are allways a win!

So yeaah ! Really awkward taking photos in a major packed up place.. especially when everyone looking (but oh well) haha ^_^ So this is the outfit I made for my textiles project, I went all out with the London theme! I made 2 but i figured ill just show you this one which i loooooove to bits. I used a fake fur fabric and embroidered the tube sign (and replacing it with the queen) ohh yeah!!  and I silk painted the skirt with the various tube lines all around.

If you definitely want to save some money and make yourself some rad pieces I  advise you to buy some cool fabric, like fabric shops have the little clearance section!! I think this whole outfit I made came around to £15 (shoes not included) I think thats pretty cool, considering the fur was abit of the pricy side. 

Anyways thank you for commenting and looking, I appreciate all your support guys :D


  1. You're looking scha-weeet mama ! Loving the platforms. You rock these shots down in the tube. x

  2. Brilliant love the photos! love the look, is unique and cool! xxx

  3. So rad! You did an amazing job <3

    P.S. thanks so much for the comment on my new post,
    I get my hair dye from a Goth Store in the city where I live, It's called Directions, it lasts for ages! But Manic Panic is also good which you can get off eBay :-) you should def dye your hair!!

  4. Absolutely love this look ^^
    Fantastic shoes and skirt <3

  5. Lovely ! this shirt is awesome and the shoes wow
    Kisses pretty <3

  6. You're the fucking queen of DIY that's for sure, that top is awesome<3

  7. okay you are beyond rad. and im so glad that im not the only person in england who uses that word. WOOOOOOOOOOP.

    rebecca x

  8. omg I love the whole outfit!! You look prefect.