Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Juvenile Teenager

Stripy top-Monsoon.. from ages ages ago
Creepers Ofcourse<3

So it's a very easy/simple outfit today :D But ahh i just loove looking like a little girl ! To make it look even more childish i wanted to initially do braided french plaits but i still haven't mastered doing them on my self yet! Oh well next time :P

So heres something funny for today: This was an old picture of me.. the weird hairstyle i was talking about hahaha, ah man if i tried that now i'd look like a proper douche. Mmm maybe i should give it a go? :P

So that is it for today! :)
Thank you so so so much for looking and supporting me on lookbook<3 I really really appreciate it! 
Love you all so much <333