Saturday, 24 March 2012

Spring Chick

Pastel Checked shorts - childhood stuff
medium crop top - mothers
necklaces - diy

DIY cookie made of filmo clay.

What can I say? I was so frikkin hot today in London. So took the advantage and whipped out my pastel checked shorts and medium crop top :D Ahh so not used to this brightness... my camera was having diffuculties too today haaa.

Hope you guys like & thanks for looking <3

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Juvenile Teenager

Stripy top-Monsoon.. from ages ages ago
Creepers Ofcourse<3

So it's a very easy/simple outfit today :D But ahh i just loove looking like a little girl ! To make it look even more childish i wanted to initially do braided french plaits but i still haven't mastered doing them on my self yet! Oh well next time :P

So heres something funny for today: This was an old picture of me.. the weird hairstyle i was talking about hahaha, ah man if i tried that now i'd look like a proper douche. Mmm maybe i should give it a go? :P

So that is it for today! :)
Thank you so so so much for looking and supporting me on lookbook<3 I really really appreciate it! 
Love you all so much <333

Friday, 16 March 2012

School Attire

Belt- My mums
Necklaces- Again my mum haha
See through shirt- Charity shop
Bracelet's- Mum

You're probably wondering what the heck is the red stain on my right shoe? Well i dropped red paint in art and it all dried up making it hard for me to scrape off :(

Me attempting to pose.. haha
The skirt- was also my mums :)

So this look was inspired by my lovely lookbook buddie Nicola B <3 If you guys dont know her then you're definitely missing out! Check her fab looks:! Again thanks so much for inspiring me gorgeous :DDD

Well as you guys know I pretty much like stealing my mums old clothes. All the clothes she doesn't want anymore she dumps in the loft.. so theres me taking advantage.. I check it out every week to see if anything nice is there :') it's like my little private shop. 

So that'll be the end of my 3rd post! WOOP.
Thanks so much for all who hype my looks and check my blog<3 Really appreciate it xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tina the Menace

Feeling a-little like Dennis the Menace today.. although the stripes are meant to be on the shirt ! haha
These 'leggins' are actually tights! blargh which is why i had to layer another pair of tights and a short skirt to not expose myself when going out! I think I'm also getting really addicted to this black/purple lipstick which i shall try to wear a lot more instead of my ordinary red :D

Plus really struggled to take a decent picture today.. i honestly really suck at posing :') ahh anyways.

What I'm wearing:
- Button up shirt- Marks & Spencer (From my old uniforms haha)
- Old school PE jumper 
- Tights- Sisters i think it was from claire's from ages ago though..
- Pointed Creepers Topshop
- Earrings from Spain

Saturday, 10 March 2012


So here's my first blog post! I totally suck at this but blargh.. gave it a go ^_^ So this is an outfit I put together real quick :D I have this thing at the moment for looking like a little girl.. sometimes I totally forget that I'm flipping 17! Like when people ask me i still say 15 :') but yeah.

What I'm wearing:
-Dress/Shirt - My mothers
-Jean Jacket- My mothers
-Knee High's- Stolen from my sister :')
-Creepers- Underground

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